“I am from Manhattan Beach, California. I was in South Africa in late May on an academic study tour with Lynn University. I wanted to thank you for the life changing experience, and informative tour. I would have to agree with your web site, and the township tour was the highlight of the trip. It was an eye opening experience that was truly soulful. Thank you again for such and amazing tour that was the highlight of my experience while I was in South Africa. Hopefully, one day I can go back”.

“I have settled back to my routine in Miami and often reflect on the amazing time i spent in africa.of course cape town was incredibly beautiful and you all made the experience extra special. I tell so many of my friends about the townships and the contrast between the modern, clean beautiful city of cape town and the poverty and neglect that exists in the townships. thanks to you i was fortunate to see the reality of life for many there and not just the picture postcard part of life”.

“I was one of the coaches that brought a team of College footballers to one of your tours last Easter, we gave kits and balls out in Guguletu with you. Our little project Balls to Poverty last year has grown dramatically, if you remember I filmed our visit with you and also other parts of our tour. I hope you like it? I think you will recognise some people in it, click on the link below to download the footage and look at how a small tour is of such great stature thanks to where you took us to meet our new friends we hope to see again soon”.

“We often reminisce about our last visit with you, and know that it is a day our students will never forget. That being said, we would like to come back and do it again. The townships, the traditional healer, and Robben Island seemed to be a great day of learning”.

“That would be nice, to have a holiday again but it will take some time before we can visit your country again. I have made a small donation for the Chris Hani, so they can buy food or what it is the need. I am almost tempted to come and bring nappies myself! Thanks for keeping up the good work”.

“Your note has made my day. I am so glad that Evelyn and Bob looked you up. Of the many people I have met on my adventures, the two of them are at the top of the list as caring human beings! I am sure you gave them a good perspective on the townships and what is happening in today's South Africa”.

“Thank you for all your correspondence over the past year, I can not believe that nearly a year has gone past and we are nearly at Easter again! We are flying out on Wednesday April 5th but this time we are going to J'burg first and flying down on the following Sunday to Cape Town. This year our sponsor has helped with more donations, as we will be handing out 2,000 footballs in J'burg we have another 1,000 footballs to give out in different areas of Cape Town with football kits again. Also we have a Child Care Dept that are raising money to but Pencil Cases and Crayons together for potentially 50 children”.

“Thank you very much for those photos of the children at Chris Hani School in Langa township receiving gifts from the donation we sent. Your brilliant description of purchasing the items and of the fun that the children and yourself must of had bought a tear to our eyes, and we realise what the power of giving for Xmas can do for everyone involved. The photos were very descriptive and fantastic, and I have made a desktop wallpaper of one of the photos where the little girls are reaching up for the bubbles that they have blown. Those children seem so happy with their lives, and can give so much cheer to others with the little that they have”.

“Here we are planning for our next visit to CPT. We”re looking so much forward to seeing you again and especially to make recordings of the children's singing. Can we do anything? If 35 kids can sing, that must be magnificent. We even bring a video camera - and we'll see what we can make out of that, if we have the permission. Can we all go to Guguletu again? Two more friends are coming with us”.

“It’s been so very long since I have written to you. I have not forgotten you, nor the children. I pray that things are going well. Is school almost out for the children? How are things there. Please keep me posted on things. Please send greetings to the children - they are thought of daily! I will send something soon. Take good care of yourself”.

“Hi! Last week, my two sons (10 and 13) and I had the honour of visiting the Chris Hani Independent School. We were very impressed with the children and the teachers! My younger son was especially touched. As soon as we left the school, he started talking about raising money back in America so we can support the school as much as possible. I wasn't sure how to do that, so that's why I'm writing. Would there be any way to send supplies, or is money the best way to contribute? What is the process for making donations? We were also wondering if the big fire last week (the day after our visit!) affected the school at all. We saw the photo of the fire in the newspaper”.
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