You won't see bigger smiles anywhere!

Pierre and I chose to do Township Tours in order to show visitors the reality of South Africa, as most Tour Operators do not include the Townships in their Itineraries. This happened in 1997 when we were introduced to NEW REST by THANDO SEKAME. Thando was my daughter, Lesley's friend, she married & moved to America in 1989.

April 2000 Lesley visits and meets Thando and his Mom again after 11 years!

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It was Lesley who emailed me his contact number in Guguletu and it was Lesley who suggested we send Thando to Guide School. Little did we know what an enormous impact this decision would make. It took a while for the people to set aside their understandable suspicion of us "whities" visiting their community, after years of never seeing white people from their own country in these areas. Slowly we gained their trust and, as we know you are aware, they welcome visitors with their natural friendliness and huge smiles. Particularly the children.
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In 1998 we were confident enough to introduce other Tour Operators and Guides to New Rest. Fortunately a few responded positively, and they too bring tourists in. People from all over the world, in particular Norway, Denmark, the United States, Italy, France, England and Australia have all taken New Rest to heart and have contributed to the upliftment of lives.
WE THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO IN SOME WAY HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO HELPING THE PEOPLE OF NEW REST and we know that the people of New Rest would thank you all from the bottom of their hearts if they could. The creche is where Pierre and I have concentrated our energies, as we feel that it is the children of the Townships who need the most upliftment. They are the future of our country.

The photos below follow the progression of the creche from foundations to roof.
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Completed Creche!

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We are happy to report that the creche has finally been completed and the keys handed over to the Community. We know that you will be happy to hear this, as you were the donors instrumental in the building of this creche. Without you there would be no brick building and without you these children would still be attending a creche which flooded in winter, had little warmth as there was no electricity or running water, was overcrowded, with toilet facilities outside governed by our Cape weather, and the creche Principal trying to provide 3 meals a day on a limited budget. You have provided clothing, food and donations which have made the lives of these little ones more bearable in conditions under which few of us could imagine living. We know, without asking, that your compassion is greatly appreciated by these people. More so, because you come from countries far away. Most of you have spent only a few hours out of sometimes a couple of weeks in South Africa, in New Rest. Which makes you all even more special.

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